The City Is Our Classroom

Learning is not a cloistered activity. Beyond our classroom walls and the schoolyard are cultural and scientific institutions with abundant resources for project-based learning, team study, and hands-on activities. At the Phoenix Friends School most instruction and discussion will take place within the school building. However, PFS is designed to operate in the greater community and to take our students into partner institutions for experiences that complement and expand our in-school curriculum.

For example, imagine afternoons in the Horticulture Center at the Desert Botanical Garden learning botanical classifications or a series of classes at the Heard Museum exploring Native American art and culture. Imagine workshops at Childsplay Theatre that reveal the complex technical devices that support onstage actions. Imagine participating in an archaeological dig.

Service learning is another way to engage the larger community. PFS students will have choices of service projects and the opportunity to work as groups with various populations, be they the elderly or refugees, or by helping remove invasive plant species from public parks.

PFS is a small school with a city-wide campus to explore, study and serve.

The PFS curriculum builds foundational skills for success in our school and for choices of high schools in the future. Our teachers employ methods for skills-building that are best suited for each child at his/her/their particular stage of development. Classes are small, and your child will receive immediate, relevant feedback and then additional practice. The ensuing dialogue will ask for more than the correct answer; it will require thoughtfulness and self-knowledge. “I don’t know” will never be an acceptable answer—it will be replaced with “I don’t know yet.”