One of the most exciting aspects of Phoenix Friends School’s programming in our early years will be our signature partnerships with community organizations in the city of Phoenix. With The City Is Our Classroom being an essential component in our founding vision we believe it is essential to forge partnerships in the city to support and sustain our foundational curriculum. One of those key partnerships is with the Arizona Humane Society.

For years, the Humane Society has provided outstanding educational opportunities to youth across the Valley. Known for their Junior Veterinarian Program as well as their immensely popular summer camps, AHS has emerged as one of the most important educational outreach organizations in the region.

We are proud to be partnering with AHS to create an in-depth curriculum in biology, stewardship, and life science while creating real, hands-on experiences for Phoenix Friends School students. To bring the partnership to life, our entire school community will travel to the Humane Society twice a month throughout the school year to engage in relevant, meaningful programs. We believe that these integrated, interdisciplinary modules will form a cornerstone for our academic curriculum and allow our students to thrive as responsible citizens in our region and the world.

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