Our Mission

Drawing on Quaker values and educational best practices, we nurture the innate goodness, desire to learn, and special gifts in all of us. Our vibrant curriculum engages young minds through project-based experiences in the classroom and the community. Making meaningful connections across subjects from the sciences to the arts, we encourage the deep learning, skills, and understanding needed to thrive in middle school, high school, and beyond.

The Quaker Testimonies:

  • SPICES - Quakers agree to a core set of values known as testimonies. The acronym SPICES is commonly used by Quaker schools. Our students have defined each below and are committed to upholding these values in our school community.
  • SIMPLICITY - Quakers believe that if we are always trying to get better things, we can forget to be good people. Sometimes acquiring a lot of fancy things, clothes, and toys can get in the way of doing our work.
  • PEACE - Quakers believe that war and violence do not solve disagreements. These things only make people suffer. Quakers try to settle all their arguments without using weapons or words to hurt others. Quakers believe that world peace begins with each of us. Children in Quaker schools are taught the skills of non-violent conflict resolution.
  • INTEGRITY - Integrity means being truthful and always trying to do a good job. It means saying what we mean and meaning what we say.
  • COMMUNITY - Quakers believe that it is important to be a good neighbor, helping people around us. Building a community takes many forms, including having fun with each other.
  • EQUALITY - Quakers believe there is that of God in everyone. Everyone is created equal. This means everyone has the same human rights and should be treated fairly. It also means we should treat people the way we want to be treated.
  • STEWARDSHIP - To live with simplicity and integrity, we need to do a good job taking care of the things we own and use. This means taking good care of the earth. Quakers believe it is important to leave the world a better place.