Private school education in Arizona is now more affordable than ever!

More than ten years ago, the Arizona legislature passed the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) law which provided funding to families of children with special needs. Last fall, Arizona expanded the ESA law by adding $1 billion in funding for public education and giving every parent the opportunity to access an average of $7,000 per child to help pay for tutoring, online education, or any other authorized educational expenses—including private school tuition.

What this essentially means for students enrolling at Phoenix Friends School is that the total, full-pay cost per student is $12,000. Additionally, on top of that $7,000 discount, need-based financial aid is offered to any qualifying family which can further reduce the burden on families making a high quality Friends School education more accessible than ever. Finally, thanks to PFS’s “Evergreen Tuition Policy” the cost of four years of attendance at Phoenix Friends School remains fixed for the full four years of attendance, a policy which is virtually unheard of in the private school marketplace.

Now, more than ever, a premier Friends School education is available for all!

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