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Phoenix Friends School is an independent school that offers a classical education, co-curricular projects with cultural and scientific partners, health and wellness training, and service learning in the community. As an independent school, PFS can meet the demanding standards of a college prep curriculum, enriched by extracurricular programs, all rooted in Quaker values and practices.

PFS is entirely self-funded. In our first year of operation (2023-24), we estimate tuition will cover just 50% of our operating costs. To engage the best faculty and staff, to develop courses and projects for group learning, and to offer financial assistance to deserving families, we rely on donations to cover the difference. Unrestricted gifts to PFS provide mission-essential funds for every aspect of the school’s operations: faculty salaries and professional development, adjustable tuition for deserving families, class trips, service learning, and facilities and equipment.

A gift to PFS this year ensures the school will open in fall 2023 and grow on a sustainable model into the future, to a point where tuition payments cover approximately 85% of operating expenses. As with other top-rated independent schools, philanthropy will continue to make the difference between basic survival and a well-rounded learning experience both inside the classroom and in the community.

We invite you to consider PFS as you support educational opportunities that include the long-running tradition of Quaker education. In 2023, the tradition comes to Arizona.
PFS accepts gifts made directly to the school. Please forward checks to the following address:

Phoenix Friends School
2700 N Central Avenue
Suite LL-150
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Should you wish to discuss other forms of payment or in-kind gifts, please contact us at or phone us at 602.562.2662.

Phoenix Friends School is a 501c3 nonprofit organization.