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Quaker-based education for grades five and six opening Fall 2023.

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New Independent School in Phoenix

Opening in fall 2023, Phoenix Friends School is an independent school arising from the faith and practice of the Religious Society of Friends (also called Friends or Quakers) and built upon high standards that have long made Friends schools exceptional. Quaker education pairs academic rigor with values-based learning while developing capacities in service, meditative reflection, and peaceful problem solving. Students at a Friends school engage with the arts, take part in service-learning projects, are encouraged toward a healthy and active lifestyle, and develop deep connections with each other and the wider world.

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The City Is Our Classroom

Learning is not a cloistered activity. Beyond our classroom walls and the schoolyard are cultural and scientific institutions with abundant resources for project-based learning, team study, and hands-on activities. At the Phoenix Friends School most instruction and discussion will take place within the school building. However, PFS is designed to operate in the greater community and to take our students into partner institutions for experiences that complement and expand our in-school curriculum.


Our Mission

Drawing on Quaker values and educational best practices, we nurture the innate goodness, desire to learn, and special gifts in all of us. Our vibrant curriculum engages young minds through project-based experiences in the classroom and the community. Making meaningful connections across subjects from the sciences to the arts, we encourage the deep learning, skills, and understanding needed to thrive in middle school, high school, and beyond.

Universal and Timeless Principles

Quakers believe in strong encouragement of the individual. Each person has the capacity to be good, the ability to see the Light of God, and the ability to put that truth to good use. Thus, Quakers provide an exceptional and unique learning environment. Students who graduate from a Quaker school walk away with a strong sense of social understanding, skills to deal with adversity, respect for others, and a strong sense of self-worth so that they have the power needed to succeed.


Founder's Letter

A Friends School in Phoenix is a dream of mine, a goal worth pursuing over many years with the help of many parents and educators, concerned local citizens, and advisors from existing Quaker schools. The Phoenix Friends School is a school based on Quaker values and Quaker education models. Our new school holds the answers to some of the most pressing concerns of parents wanting a fully-rounded learning experience for their children. We help children grow into adults who are self-motivated and responsible, who love learning and think creatively.

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Phoenix Friends School will welcome grades 5 and 6 beginning fall 2023, adding one grade per year until we offer grades 5 through 8. Any feedback or experiences you share with us will aid us in developing our curriculum and school offerings. Thank you for taking the time to complete this brief survey.